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About Us

Coming from backgrounds in psychology, sociology, social work, counseling, family and consumer science, nutrition and dietetics, nursing, marriage and family, image management, fashion design and merchandizing, we are agents of change.  We are dedicated to the therapeutic use of clothing, grooming, and body language to augment the productive use of imagination and creativity, helping the client to discover and develop corrective solutions leading to change.  We explore ways in which dress, grooming, and body language connect with behavior, can be used to reduce anxiety, increase self-awareness and self-esteem, while improving the client's reality orientation.  We don't dwell on the past.  We work for the future.

At the Conselle Institute of Image Management, with main offices in Provo-Orem, Utah, expressive image specialists guide clients to a more positive self-image.  With more than 40 years of experience in image management and expressive image therapy methodology, our certified consultants, specialists, and therapists are knowledgeable regarding visual design, human development, physiology and anatomy, psychology and sociology. We use the latest techniques in consulting and counseling for a new and different expressive therapy modality, interdisciplinary in itself.  We are members of the Expressive Image Therapy Association, signaling that we are active participants in the field of expressive image therapy, increasing our knowledge and experience in this specialized therapeutic practice.   

About EITA Founder, Judith Ann Rasband, MS AICI CIM

Judith Rasband owns  the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Orem, Utah.  Judith leads the image field with academic degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences, specializing in the linguistics of semiotic non-verbal communication through the physical, psychological, social, and aesthetic aspects of dress, grooming, and body language including etiquette.  Judith taught 12 years at Brigham Young University in the Department of Clothing and Textiles, initiating the development of coursework in the behavioral aspects of dress and image relating to individuals and families.  Following decades of experience speaking, teaching, and consulting in academic, association, corporate, and government settings throughout the U.S. and Canada, she founded the Conselle Institute of Image Management, a post-secondary school licensed to grant certification in image management.  Her curriculum has been licensed by the Image Consulting Business Institute for image education throughout India.  She heads the Image Management Professional Association with activity throughout India and the Middle East.  She, herself, was one of the first to achieve the Certified Image Master level (CIM) in 2000 through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) there being only twelve CIMs world wide.  Judith was honored with the prestigious "IMMIE,"  AICI's Image Maker Merit of Industry Excellence award for education.  These awards identify her as a top image professional internationally.  She is determined to bring the value of image management and expressive image therapy to the people who have the need.


About EITA Officers

Kathy Wolters, Certified Image Management Specialist, is EITA Vice President 2014-2016

Kathy Wolters owns With You In Mind Image Management Services in Quincy, Illinois.  Kathy earned her BS in Family and Consumer Sciences and her MS in education. Early in her University of Illinois Extension career, Kathy discovered she had a concern, talent, and skill in helping women of all ages and sizes look and feel their best through the application of strategic dress and image management concepts.  She currently provides services with the Blessing Hospital Bariatric Support Group.  She has been recognized by Quanada with a Hope and Dignity Award and by the Quincy Rotary Club with a Paul Harris Fellow Award for outstanding service.  "I love enabling people to discover and define who they are inside, resulting in their image identity, then helping them express themselves on the outside through their purposeful self-presentation."

Dani Slaugh, Certified Image Management Consultant, is EITA Secretary-Treasurer 2014-2016

Dani Slaugh owns Style by Dani in Orem, Utah.  Dani earned her BS at the University of Utah, currently teaching Self-Branding Strategies through Continuing Education there. Her approach empowers clients and students to use their clothing as a resource, a tool for accomplishing their goals.  Her mission is to provide the tools and image information that help others become more effective in whatever setting they find themselves in, and not be intimidated by fashion and media hype.  "I witnessed many people fall victim to trends that made them appear too young or systems that pigeon holed them into invalid and unreliable categories.  I decided to find a better way!   The best part of my job? When my client's eyes light up because he/she feels valued again."


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