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We work with a wide range of mental health issues, disorders, and illness.  We use the physical, psychological, social, and artistic aspects of clothing, grooming, and body language as natural resources for self-expression, communication, and well-being.  Our unique  wardrobe styling experience  is an action-oriented and creative form of therapy.                                                                                             Learn More....

Certification Educational-Training

Become a Certified Expressive Image Therapist or an Expressive Image Therapy Specialist.  Receive principle-based concepts, cutting-edge methods and materials, dynamic presentations, and engaging exercises, as well as fascinating virtual closet experiences.  Learn to apply direct and indirect approaches with clients, enhancing the process.            
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Expressive Image Therapy Assoc.

New to the creative arts therapies, expressive image therapists and specialists use the elements of visual design in dress and image in the treatment of mental health and wellness issues.  The Association facilitates member communication, disseminates information to the public, and recognizes excellence in image therapy. Join us today!                                                       
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Judith Rasband MS, AICI CIM Founder
Judith Rasband MS,

Beyond Tradition

While talk is the traditional mode of expression in counseling and psychotherapy and counseling, other forms of self-expression such as clothing and grooming, bring tangible results to the process of psychotherapy. Clients' experiences are sensory in nature (visual, tactile, and auditory), allowing the brain to establish new and more healthy, productive, corrective patterns.

An action-oriented method of communication, expressive image therapy has the potential to speed the process of psychotherapy. Self-expression through dress and grooming may even be a corrective experience on its own.  The process of clothing selection and styling, dressing and grooming can actually energize clients, re-direct attention and focus, alleviate emotional stress, allowing clients to more fully concentrate on issues, adaptive behaviors, and goals.

Seldom used as the primary form of treatment, expressive image therapy assists clients in moving beyond pre-conceived beliefs about themselves by experiencing new ways of communication. It offers practical ways to try out inventive solutions and transformation. Those restricted in their creative problem solving skills often find expressive image therapy particularly helpful.

Expressive image therapy involves action that engages emotions in a direct and physical way. Using creative energy as a healing force for mind, body, and spirit, clients find their way through the most complex problems. This self-exploration and expression fulfills a basic human need and may enable individuals to potentially overcome self-defeating behaviors. 

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